Design Preview - Initial in-home consultation. This visit will not entail interior design suggestions and/or recommendations. This visit is solely to get a feel for your design aesthetic and your interior design goals. It also gives both of us a chance to see if GOODESIGN will be a good fit for your interior design needs.
TIME: 30 min - 1 hr 
COST: $75*
Design Consultation – Private in-home consultation that includes design review of two to three (depending on time) rooms. We will discuss furniture arrangement, color, and purchasing. Client will be responsible for all project scheduling, purchasing, and the finished product. If the client decides they would like GOODESIGN to manage the project to completion, this fee can be applied to the Full Service within 30 days of initial consultation. 
TIME: 1 1/2 - 2 hrs 
COST: $250*
Color Consultation Private in-home color consultation requires a bit of research. This can include exterior as well as interior color selection. You will be provided with a personalized Pocket Palette for easy access when shopping for furniture and accessories. 
TIME: Varies 
COST: Billed hourly at $100 per hour with a nonrefundable retainer beginning at $200.
Designer for a Day – This option is a fast-paced, high-energy day where we perform a private in-home consultation (if we already haven't) then we hit the streets shopping for the best retail finds. Client is responsible for all purchases.
TIME: 4 - 5 hrs
COST: $750*
Full Service – There are several levels of Full Service interior design available. You choose the one that works best for you. All available options require a retainer for design and a retainer for purchasing.** Under the Full Service option, GOODESIGN will go shopping and make purchases. This option also includes overseeing contractors when applicable. 
By Room Full Service – This is more like a pay-per-room interior design option. You decide which room(s) you want to focus on and we will give you a flat design fee (retainer required) to cover that room(s). Discounts will be given when there are multiple (more than 3) rooms. In addition to the flat design fee, a retainer will need to be established for making purchases.** Under this option, GOODESIGN will do all shopping. Some retail discounts may apply.
COST: $750 - $5000* (does not include purchasing retainer**)
RETAINER: $1000 - $3000*
Hourly Full Service – Our Hourly Full Service means just that: you will be billed by the hour for design and shopping. If you choose this option, a nonrefundable retainer is required. This retainer covers both design and shopping. A separate retainer is still required for purchases.**
COST: $100 per hour (minimum 20 hours)
RETAINER: $2000 & up
All In Full Service – When you don't have the time or energy to design your dream home and you want to be hands off and let someone else take the reigns, the All In Full Service is your best option. GOODESIGN will organize (your space), schedule (contractors), and complete your project, taking all rooms into consideration. A separate retainer is required for purchases.** The cost will be based on the scope of the project.
New Construction Full Service – The assistance of an interior designer at the beginning of building your home (new construction) can be beneficial. Building a new home from the ground up is very stressful. It can become a full-time job following up with the builder, subcontractors, and the design center. It is not uncommon for the builder/subcontractors to make mistakes behind the walls. GOODESIGN provides quality control and photographs all stages of construction. We also assist with floorplan and design center selections. Should you add French doors to open up the space? What about a built-in wine fridge for entertaining instead of another cabinet? There are so many options for carpet and tile, it can be overwhelming. We take a look at your family's lifestyle and what materials would best fit in your dream home. We take as much of the pressure off your shoulders as we can, making your dream home a reality. The cost will be based on the scope of the project.

* All pricing subject to change.
** Purchasing retainer is determined by GOODESIGN based on an assessment of what materials are needed to complete project. You will always be kept in the loop in regards to spending. If it appears that the allotted purchasing retainer will not cover the project, we will notify you.
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