Interior design is very subjective. It’s your house. You have purchased items you like to fill your house. You have chosen colors you like or that are currently trending. You watch HGTV religiously. However, you want a cohesive flow when you walk from room to room. GOODESIGN can inspire your house and turn it into a home. There are several ways we can assist you with your interior design needs, no matter what your project investment.
The first step would be to determine which room(s) in your house you would like to tackle. GOODESIGN recommends beginning with a room(s) that you spend most of your time in. That may be your living room or your master bedroom, where you retreat after a long day at work. It could also be your kitchen, where you love to prepare meals for your family while catching up on daily events.
The next step would be to determine your allotted investment. Once budget is determined, GOODESIGN has several options available. 
Design Consultation – Spend several hours with us so that we can give you pointers on different ways you can transform your home yourself.
Color Consultation – Get help choosing the perfect color scheme for your home, which may or may not include paint color selection.
Designer for a Day – Let GOODESIGN spend an hour or so in your home, then go shopping with you for the day.
Full Service – Okay, you’re ready to take the plunge and let GOODESIGN do what we do best: turn your house into a luxury showcase home.
The third step is to hire GOODESIGN to inspire and enliven your home. Go to Start Your Project and complete the online assessment. We will then contact you within 24 hours about your project.

Once you have completed the online assessment, we will call you to determine next steps. In most cases, an initial in-home consultation or Design Preview follows. It just depends upon which service you choose. 
During the Design Preview, we interview you (and your family, if applicable) and take a tour of your space. This visit can last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. Unless you have chosen Design Consultation or Color Consultation, this visit will not entail interior design suggestions and/or recommendations. This visit is solely to get a feel for your design aesthetic and your interior design goals. It also gives both of us a chance to see if GOODESIGN will be a good fit for your interior design needs. 
Once you are ready to move forward and decide which service best fits your needs, we will email you a Design Agreement that outlines our scope of work. At the end of the day, you will be inspired.
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